Monday, February 28, 2011

New Season!

Today was the first pre-season match for Lincoln High School 2011. We played Saint Mary's at brookside and they won 198 to 216. I shot an unsatisfying 36. The first hole I made a solid birdie, fairway green 20 foot one putt. Second hole I hit the fairway, then the sand trap and a one putt for par. 3rd hole i made a 2 putt par. 4th hole I hit a solid drive, good second shot just short of the green chipped it close and made my tap-in birdie. 5th hole i hit a good drive down the middle, second shot was about 35 feet from the pin and i sank the putt for birdie. 6th hole I hit a bad drive leaving me around 200 out, in the rough. I hit a 3 iron to about 12 feet to a back pin. I missed the simple up hill 10 footer. 7th hole i hit a bad drive but i made up for it with my second shot. I was 190 out and I chose to play it safe and aim away from the water, but i had too much club and i went long and right. I chipped over the green and then I putted back onto the green but short, and i missed the following putt leading to a 7 double bogey. The double bogey put me at 1 under threw 7. 8th hole I was feeling confident, so I hit an 8 iron from about 155. My ball lands 2 feet short of the pin bounces close then rolls back to about 6 feet. I missed the 6 foot putt to make par. The last hole it was nearly sundown, but I hit my driver good about 190 from the pin. I hit a 4 iron a little right of where I intended and short. I was left with about a 60 foot putt. I hit the putt on the low side and i had a 6 foot putt for par. My par putt lipped out softly leading to a bogey. I finished the last 3 holes 3 over with 3 unnecessary putts to shoot an upsetting 36. What began as an amazing round ended up being a decent round. Wednesday is our next match at brookside.
Fairways: 6/7
Green: 6/9
Putts: 15

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